Yacht Delivery

It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures a prosperous voyage


As a 50-Ton United States Coast Guard licensed captain, Chris has extensive experience safely navigating both sailing vessels and power vessels through nearly all of California’s near coastal waters, offshore islands, and inland waterways, as well as significant portions of Baja California and Florida. Chris is proud of his unblemished safety record, and the secure transport of his clients’ vessels and his crew to their final destination remains his top priority.
Beyond his numerous professional certifications and endorsements, Chris draws from an unusually broad skillset that make him a natural choice for a yacht delivery captain. From his considerable experience rescuing vessels and passengers as a former Towboat US Captain and rescue swimmer, to his experience as a commercial fisherman in both California and Alaska, to his years as a sailing instructor, to his extensive experiencing repairing all marine systems, Chris is well equipped to handle any of the many unexpected challenges that can arise when transiting long distances on an oceangoing vessel.

  • United States Coast Guard 50 Ton License
  • Radar Observer Unlimited
  • Assistance Towing Endorsement
  • Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement
  • Certified US Sailing Instructor
  • Former Tow Boat US Captain
  • Trained Rescue Swimmer